The Faculty of Chemistry offers a range of official courses of study at bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral level. To support lifelong learning, it also offers a range of continuing education and university extension courses.

Bachelor's degrees, with a duration of four academic years, are offered in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering. In each case, the programme content ensures that students acquire the skills required for professional practice in the respective fields.

Master's degrees offer specialization in particular areas, currently Environmental Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Materials Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Organic Chemistry. Inter-university master's degrees are also offered, in Electrochemistry, Innovation and Regulation in Chemistry, and Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling. Other options include the Erasmus Mundus master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories and the UB-coordinated master's degree in Atomistic and Multiscale Computational Modelling in Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Finally, the doctoral degree is the highest academic qualification awarded by the University, opening the door to university teaching and research. The doctoral studies overseen by the Faculty of Chemistry aim to provide advanced training in research techniques and actively involve students in courses, seminars and a variety of other research-focused activities.