Cortical neurodevelopment. PI: Daniel Del Toro Ruiz


The neocortex is the most evolutionarily region of the brain and the source of high cognitive skills such as language. During development, two coordinated events shape its morphology, leading to the cortex’s columnar and layered structure: the proliferation of neuronal progenitors and cortical migration. The focus of our laboratory is to understand how these two processes also contribute to the expansion and folding of the cerebral cortex. We use expression profiling experiments, conditional mouse lines, functional in vitro and in vivo assays together with advanced imaging techniques to determine molecular mechanisms involved in cortex folding. We are currently interested in examining the role of synaptic proteins during cortical migration and the impact of cortex folding on animal behaviour and intelligence.

KEYWORDS: proliferation, migration, reprogramming, cortex

Daniel del Toro Ruiz
Postdoctoral researcher Ramón y Cajal


Claudia Peregrina Cabredo
Predoctoral researcher
Institut de Neurociències


Sofía Zaballa Larrinaga
Predoctoral researcher

  • Neuronal migration and proliferation mechanisms leading to folding of the cerebral cortex.



  • Molecular mechanisms involved in lateral dispersion of cortical neurons.
  • Impact of neuronal migration and proliferation on cortex folding.
  • Induction of cortex folding in animals that normally have a smooth cortex such as mice.

  • Novel mechanisms of neuronal migration leading to cortex folding

Project reference: RTI2018-095580-A-I00
PI: Daniel del Toro Ruiz
Affiliation entity: Universitat de Barcelona
Funding entity: Ministerio de Ciencia y Educación
Period: 2019-2021
Amount: 145.000 €

  • Ramon y Cajal Project

Project reference: RYC-2017-23486
PI: Daniel del Toro Ruiz
Affiliation entity: Universitat de Barcelona
Funding entity: Programa Ramon y Cajal
Period: 2019-2024
Amount: 40.000 €

  • In vivo reprogramming to rescue alterations in Huntington’s disease

Project reference: ... ...
Group member. PI: Josep M. Canals Coll
Affiliation entity: Universitat de Barcelona
Funding entity: Fundació "La Caixa"
Period: 2022-2024
Amount: 994.890 €

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ORCID: 0000-0002-7416-2155

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