Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatment

PresentacióThe current section on Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment has its origins in the Faculty of Psychology’s Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment, which was founded in 1986. That Department brought together lecturers associated with the corresponding knowledge area. It was created in 1982 to reorganise the situation of teaching staff, which had been very different up to that point. The first director was the university professor J. M. Tous i Ral, PhD, with the collaboration of Consol Marcet, PhD, tenured lecturer, who acted as academic secretary. After an initial foundational period, the Department took shape, and knowledge areas such as psychopathology, psychodiagnosis, personality psychology, projective tests, behaviour modification techniques and psychotherapy were grouped together. These areas corresponded to subjects in the curricula of the pre-EHEA bachelor’s degree in Psychology of the 1990s. After various alterations to the curricula, which led to changes in the design and day-to-day reality of courses for the current bachelor’s degree in Psychology, the departmental section continues to cover the same subject areas and has incorporated others (clinical psychology, health psychology, intervention, etc.). Teaching of the current section on Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment has expanded. In particular, a considerable number of lecturers are involved in the bachelor’s degree in Criminology and the departmental section is in charge of more than six core subjects of this degree (including Criminology, Victimology, Psychological Treatments and Juvenile Delinquency).