• General information

    Departments are the basic structural units for teaching and research of the University. They are responsible for organising and carrying out research and for the programmes on their branches of knowledge.

    They are in charge of stimulating their members' research and teaching practices, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the training offered to students.

    Every department is made up of a director, a secretary and a Departmental Council, which includes all the teaching and research groups and student representatives of the programmes in which the departments take part, among which there are necessarily third-cycle students.

    The following are among the departments' competences:

    1. To organize and teach their allocated part of the different university programmes and courses offered.
    2. To organize and carry out their members' research.
    3. To organize specialization, retraining and university extension courses.
    4. To promote scientific and teaching renewal of their members.
    5. To promote the preparation of scientific and specialist works, in accordance with the UB Statutes.
    6. To promote relations with other departments.
    7. To participate in the management of the University, in accordance with the provisions established in the UB Statutes.
    8. To prepare their own regulations, which must be approved by the Governing Council.
    9. The remaining competences attributed to them by the UB Statutes and regulations.