Message from the Dean

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Earth Sciences.

The Faculty currently offers two bachelor’s degree, in Geology and Marine Sciences, and four university master’s degrees, in Mineral Resources and Geological Hazards, Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, Science and Integrated Management of Water, and Paleobiology and Fossil Record. We are also mindful of the importance of lifelong learning for professionals, and offer a university extension course in Gemmology and a variety of other UB-specific postgraduate programmes.

Earth Sciences is concerned with the study of the Earth’s evolution from its origins to the present day, seeking to interpret the history reflected in rocks, the fossil record, the oceans and continental waters. It is highly interdisciplinary, with links to fields such as the environment, climate change, energy and mineral resources for the development of a sustainable society, civil engineering, and strategies for protection against natural hazards.

Earth Sciences professionals will be in increasing demand over the coming decade as humanity strives to meet new challenges to find natural resources, mitigate the natural hazards that pose a growing threat to people and infrastructure, prevent climate change and achieve sustainability in environmental management, in the context of an ever-changing terrestrial habitat.

The Faculty is situated in the most important nucleus of Earth Sciences facilities in Catalonia, alongside the Spanish National Research Council’s Jaume Almera Institute of Earth Sciences (ICT-IJA) and Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) and the University of Barcelona’s Science and Technology Centres (CCIT-UB). This privileged location enables us to offer students quality training with access to cutting-edge technological installations. Our students also benefit from the added value of studying at the leading Catalan and Spanish faculty in its field in the prestigious Shanghai ranking.

While this is a small faculty in absolute terms, it is the largest centre of geology teaching and research in Catalonia, with almost 100 researchers and lecturers, many of whom lead research projects at national, European and International level. We are able to offer our students highly personalized learning and small group sizes for practical work.

I invite you to join us on a fascinating adventure to learn more about our planet Earth and to help preserve it for future generations. I hope to be able to welcome you to the Faculty in person, where we will ensure that you receive the best and most thorough education to prepare you for the many possibilities of professional life.


Albert Soler i Gil

Dean of the Faculty of Earth Sciences