Other specific documentation related to the selection criteria

To enter the selection process must complete the online admission form and submit the following documentation to the Master’s and Doctoral Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business:

  • Certified photocopy of the bachelor’s degree used for the purpose of admission.
  • Certified photocopy of the full academic certificate or transcript for the bachelor’s degree used for the purpose of admission. Students who have completed official courses of study at the UB will only be required to submit their academic transcript.
  • Photocopy of DNI / national identity document / passport (NIE is not accepted).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Official accreditation of English language skills (B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or equivalent).
  • Statement of interest, outlining the reasons for applying.
  • Two letters of reference from university lecturers or researchers.

Applications from students whose first language is not Spanish or Catalan must be accompanied by official accreditation of sufficient language skills in at least one of these languages. For Spanish, students must accredit the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) D2, issued by the Cervantes Institute, or the Advanced Level Certificate, issued by the Official School of Languages in Spain. For Catalan, students must accredit the Advanced Level Certificate.

This documentation must be submitted to the Master’s and Doctoral Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business, at the following address:

Oficina de Màsters i Doctorat
Facultat d’economia i Empresa
Màster Oficial de Recerca en Sociologia
Tinent Coronel Valenzuela 1-11
08034 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 934 039 837 / 934 039 838
Fax: +34 934 039 027

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm.

Email: omd.eco@ub.edu



Certified photocopy of the qualification used for the purposes of admission.
Certified photocopy of the academic certificate or transcript corresponding to the qualification used for the purposes of admission.

Students in possession of a bachelor’s degree issued in an EU country are not required to legalize their documentation. However, documents not issued in Spanish must be translated by a sworn translator, according to the regulations established by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Documents issued in English do not need to be translated.

Students in possession of a degree issued outside the EU must ensure that their academic documentation is legalized by the appropriate diplomatic channels. The appropriate stamp or apostille must be affixed to the original document. Documents not issued in Spanish or English must be translated into one of these languages by a sworn translator. More information on legalization procedures can be obtained from the UB or the Ministry of Education.

Once admitted, students must formally request authorization for access to access to master's degree study at the UB and make payment of the corresponding fee. The exact sum varies according to the Catalan government's decree on the cost of official university studies, which is updated each academic year.

Once they have obtained all of the required documents, students must send certified photocopies to the Spanish embassy or consulate general in their country of residence. Students currently residing in Spain can obtain a certified copy from any official public body, including the Faculty offices at the UB. To obtain a valid certified copy, students must provide the original document and a photocopy.

The document copies must be in black and white. Color copies will not be accepted.