Promoting mobility has become a very important issue in European policy, especially in higher education. Programmes for mobility and national and international exchange improve the quality of higher education, and provide academic and professional benefits that contribute to the general development of the individual. The importance of internationalization for the university and its usefulness in terms of improvements provides not only direct results for students, teachers and administrative staff, but also indirect advantages, involving everyone in the modernization of the current structure of the university, considering the ongoing stimulus to scientific and academic internationalization. Within this reality, at the Faculty of Education we are aware that mobility and internationalization are key aspects of universities worldwide that invest, for this purpose, significant effort in promoting mobility for all members of the academic community.

Through these initiatives, each year many students, teachers and administrative staff from diverse backgrounds can complete some of their training at a university other than their own.

The Faculty of Education promotes the mobility of students to enrich their university education, both personally and academically, through exchange agreements.

Each academic year, students, teachers and administrative staff of the Faculty complete part of their training at other universities in Spain or abroad, and individuals from other cities and countries come to our centre for temporary stays.