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The Bachelor's Degree in Design is a very attractive option for anyone who wishes to pursue a career that involves creating and transforming the man-made environment.

Today, design is a strategic tool for improving and developing the competitiveness of companies and national economies. There is therefore a need for professionals who are qualified to tackle challenges in this field.

This programme allows students to develop skills that equip them to pursue a range of career opportunities in various sectors, including product and editorial design, visual communication for companies and institutions, and audiovisual communication for ICT and the media. It also prepares students for occupations linked to the generation, promotion and dissemination of design culture. Graduates are equipped to work as illustrators, critics or exhibition curators, and have the skills needed to carry out analysis and research, produce publications on design, or contribute to specialized publications.

Another distinguishing feature of this course is the fact that it's taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where the focus is on the arts and humanities. The programme takes advantage of this academic setting to provide students with a more humanistic education that stresses creativity, critical thinking and theoretical training.

The aim is to produce graduates with a level of training and professional competence that enables them to compete effectively in the international market. Students develop the skills needed to carry out all the steps involved in creating an object, from conception to production and distribution.

This degree is aimed at students who feel a sense of curiosity about the man-made environment that surrounds us, from everyday objects of all kinds to the media and cultural expressions – people who are interested in finding out how products are made, able to observe problems related to their use, and keen to transform such products by coming up with alternative and original solutions.

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Branch of knowledgeArts and Humanities
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11.022  (July 2022, start of process, via official entrance examinations/vocational training)


Language(s) of instruction

Catalan (80%), Spanish (20%)

Approximate price per credit18,46 €