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Welcome to the bachelor's degree information site.

At the same time, the degree is also designed as professionalizing training that responds to a certain social demand.
Therefore, the degree aims to provide students with comprehensive, versatile, general while deep and critical training that suits the constant changes in society and the labour market, while maintaining the requirements of scientific rigour inherent to a university degree.

The objectives of the bachelor's degree in History of Art at the University of Barcelona have been designed as based on the evolution of the scientific discipline itself, history of art, and the social demands of knowledge increasingly related to aspects of conservation and management of historical heritage, to museums and the practice of cultural and art exhibitions, and to activities related to the art market.

Basic information

Branch of knowledge Arts and Humanities
Credits 240
Mode of delivery


Number of places available

170 (excluding double degrees)


Notes de tall --

5,000 (July 2022, start of process, via official entrance examinations/vocational training)


Language(s) of instruction

Catalan (79,1%), Spanish (20,9%)

Approximate price per credit 17,69 €