University of Barcelona

Music as an Interdisciplinary Art

Support and guidance

The coordinator of the master's degree, among other tasks, has the responsibility of solving the doubts during the development of the master, from the time of the pre-enrollment to the final development of the courses and the final work and internship.
Regarding the different subjects, it is recommended to consult the teachers of each one in order to ask questions related to the contents of the subject, the method of evaluation and the individual attention in relation to the obtained qualifications.
Regardng the choice of a tutor for the final research work, this is a decision of great importance that requires an agreement between the teacher and the student. It is not an obligation for any of the parts, but it has to be a relation based on common criteria, objectives and availability.

In order to be able to effectively monitor the development of the master's degree, the student has to  actively participate in the surveys about teachers, which will be sent at the end of each semester. With the results, we can have an idea of ​​the progress of the subjects and, therefore, change and improve when necessary.