University of Barcelona

Anthropology and Ethnography

Objectives and competences


The Master’s Degree in Anthropology and Ethnography is designed to achieve two basic objectives:

  • To produce researchers specializing in anthropological research who are able to work in specialized and interdisciplinary teams. This makes the course a natural progression route for students who wish to undertake doctoral studies in Social Anthropology.

  • To provide students with tools to analyse and interpret – primarily by applying the ethnographic method – the most significant phenomena and problems affecting contemporary society, such as unemployment, migration, consumption, ethnic conflicts, social exclusion, religion, and changes in family relationships.


General competences
  • Ability to use theoretical and conceptual tools to analyse and interpret complex socio-cultural phenomena.

  • Ability to collect, organize, process and analyse information from various sources within the framework of anthropological research projects.

  • Ability to design projects and action plans aimed at identifying or solving specific problems.

  • Ability to provide an analytical framework for understanding inequality and social exclusion.

  • Ability to understand ethnographic methodology and apply it in different research contexts to make original contributions.

Specific competences
  • Ability to identify, based on an ethnographic approach, the patterns that underlie social discourses and practices related to cultural diversity and citizenship.

  • Ability to identify and provide methodological tools for the design and conduct of ethnographic research.

  • Ability to provide theoretical tools to understand current transformations affecting family and kinship relations.

  • Ability to analyse and understand logical alternative economic practices in the context of contemporary society.

  • Ability to provide a theoretical framework for the analysis and understanding of processes for expressing ethno-political and social demands that allow for the interplay of local and global variables.