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Contemporary History and Today's World (currently being replaced)


1. Once the student has been accepted in the master and before doing the official registration it is MANDATORY to assist to a tutorial session with the coordinator of the master. They can be face-to-face or online (no matter if the master's degree is face-to-face or online). The master's secretariat will inform students by email about the date of the tutorial session.
2. After this meeting and in order to be able to enroll, it is necessary to bring the following original documents:
• Printed and signed application form.
• Original or certified photocopy of the access title.
• ID photocopy.
• Two photographs passport-size.

Students can submit these documents:
• In person at the Office of Masters and PhD of the Secretariat of the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Barcelona.
• By post to the following address: Secretary of the Department of Contemporary History of the University of Barcelona, ​​Montalegre Street, 6, 08001, Barcelona.
3. After this, the last step is to do the online registration. Once the University of Barcelona opens the application of "automatrícula" (self-enrollment), the secretariat of the master will inform the students by email and they will be able to do it by clicking on this link.

Self-enrollment process:
• Choose the subjects to enroll in the application of "automatrícula".
• Select a module and mark the subjects you want to enroll module by module.
• Press the "Send to tutor" button. The coordinator will confirm the enrollment and return it to the student.
• You will receive the mail and you will have to access to the registration site again to go on filling the personal and economic data.
• After filling all, a summary of the registration will appear. You have to confirm it, print it and go to make the payment, in case you have chosen cash or by installments mode. That will be the registration document.

 VERY IMPORTANT: When you receive the confirmation email with the subjects sent by the coordinator, you must re-enter to finish the registration. If it is not done, you will not be enrolled.
See all the information on the modalities of payment offered by the University of Barcelona here.
See all the information about the registration process at the University of Barcelona here.
Students with degrees outside the EHEA
In order to do the official enrollment,  students with titles from outside the EHEA must bring the following documents:
• Original or certified and authenticated (by the diplomatic way) photocopy of the title that gives access to the Master.
• Original or photocopy certified and authenticated (by the diplomatic way) of a certificate issued by the Ministry of Education of the country of origin confirming the title that gives access to master's studies in the country of origin.
There are two procedures for authenticate documents via the diplomatic process:
• If the country of origin has signed the Hague Convention (see here the list of signatory countries of the agreement, documents can be authenticate by stamping them with the seal of the Hague (The home university can inform the student about this process).
• If the country of origin has not signed the Hague Convention, you should follow these steps: The Ministry of Education of the student's country must verify that the documentation of his/her university is valid. Once you have that stamp from the ministry of education, your country's Ministry  of Foreign Affairs must re-validate the information from the Ministry of Education (again a seal). Once you have obtained the seal of the Ministry of Education and  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can go to the Spanish Consulate to validate the documents again. Finally, you must send them (orginials or photocopies) to the University of Barcelona to this postal address: Secretary of the Department of Contemporary History of the University of Barcelona, ​Montalegre, 6, 08001, Barcelona.
Finally, a commission from the University of Barcelona will check the documents and give its approval to your enrollment in the master. This process done at the University of Barcelona has a cost of 216 €, established by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

See more information about the procedures to follow for foreign students here.