University of Barcelona

Contemporary History and Today's World (currently being replaced)

Final project

In this mandatory subject of fifteen credits, the student has to write and present in front of an examining board an academic work. In this work, it is necessary to ask and answer the fundamental questions in relation to the subject and show that the student is able to write a rigorous academic text and transmit a coherent and critical reflection .

In order to write the final work of the master (TFM), in which the student has to apply the competences and contents acquired during the courses, each student will have a TFM director, who will be a teacher (doctor) of the Master with research experience.

The TFM may have different modalities:
• Case study: analysis of a specific aspect, from primary sources.
• Academic essay or state of the art about a general problem or issue using updated sources and bibliography and taking into account the ongoing debates within the academic field.

The subject presents two great aspects that the student has to work throughout the semester: methodology and contents.
Methodology is all those formal and methodological aspects that are characteristic of an academic work:
• research plan: general conception, topic dimension, initial analytical questions, approach to a working hypothesis, bibliographic search, critical interpretation of data and reading;
• The presentation of this research in a formal and correct academic work: well presented, coherent, with logical arguments and  with references to the bibliography, with footnotes, sources of information, etc.
Contents are all those data, information, reflections and interpretations related to the initial questions and the object of study. It should be emphasized that the object of study has to be coherent with the time and possibilities of the student.

The subject as a part of the study plan
The TFM aims to make the student use all the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the master's degree so that he/she can develop and write an original and rigorous academic work based on his/her own research.

Previous knowledge
It is recommended that students register the TFM when they are about to complete the master's degree. Like this, they can use all the skills and knowledge previously acquired. Moreover, it is also recommended that the student previously courses a minimum of 30 credits of the master and does as few credits as possible during the second semester in order to have time for the TFM.