Information points

Information points
The Faculty of Physics has two information points, which are responsible for providing information to users. In addition, they manage the collection and delivery of correspondence and the opening and closing of buildings, facilities and classrooms. They also provide support for audiovisual equipment, maintain and take care of Faculty spaces, and manage lockers.

Location of information points


Classroom block

This information point is part of the Secretary's Office at the Faculty of Physics and carries out the tasks of reserving spaces, managing maintenance reports, managing and reserving lockers, managing information screens, and taking care of Faculty infrastructure.

Pau Gargallo

This information point covers the physics classroom block and access to the Faculty of Physics from Carrer Pau Gargallo and the parking area. During Easter, Christmas and August, the service is moved to the Martí i Franquès information point.

Martí i Franquès

This information point is open uninterruptedly. Outside Faculty hours, at weekends and on public holidays it is staffed by security personnel. This information point contains the fire control panel, gas control panel, access to the car park, etc., and the emergency telephone line for the building (39090).

934 021 205 | 934 111 492

Audiovisual technical staff

Users of the faculties of Physics and Chemistry can contact audiovisual technical staff at to report any incident or issue relating to maintenance, preparation and technical assistance for audiovisual equipment in classrooms and other areas.

Information on the management of digital screens in Faculty lobbies can be found on the page Communication and social networks.