Published the first issue of 2021 of “Anuario de Psicología”

Announcements | 15-03-2021

Anuario de Psicología has just published the first issue of 2021

It can be read it at

  • Autonomy management of minors in parental divorce proceedings (Júlia Martín Badia, Adolfo Jarne Esparcia)
  • The perspective of families on the effectiveness of the Play Time/Social Time program for the development of social competence in children with IDD (Ignasi Ivern)
  • Parental beliefs about education and development: a longitudinal study (Pilar Ridao Ramírez, Isabel López Verdugo, M. Carmen Moreno Rodríguez)
  • Prediction in university students of prosocial behavior and the criminalization of acts such as faults and crimes, based on empathy (Javier Esparza-Reig, Manuel Martí-Vilar, Lucas Rodriguez)
  • Psychometric analysis of the PERMA-Profiler sample of psychology students (Rubia Cobo-Rendon, Joseph Aslan Parra, Diego García-Álvarez)
  • Gender Differences in Cogni-tion and Social Cognition in Patients Affected by Psy-chosis in the Process of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Jesus Cobo)