Registrations for 2018 Innovation Day are open! i-Day: rethinking health through innovation

Announcements | 17-10-2018

We are proud to announce the celebration of the first EIT Health Innovation Day in the city of Barcelona on November 24th, 2018, at the historical building of the Universitat de Barcelona. Innovation Days will take place in 19 different locations this year and for the first time our city is amongst them!  
The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship, applied in this occasion to the Health sector, amongst students. During the day, you will be able to tackle real life challenges in healthy leaving and active ageing. You will also share the experience with participants from a variety of disciplines, origins and backgrounds and you will be provided the necessary tools and coaching to develop a new solution for the industry.
i-Day Barcelona will invite inspirational speakers and experts within the field of health innovation. You will be able to form multidisciplinary teams to develop real and viable innovations, compete for i-Day prizes and learn practical skills in innovation! In particular, three prizes will be awarded amongst the participating teams (1st prize 500€, 2nd prize 300€ and 3rd prize 200€). The winning team will also have the opportunity to participate in the i-Day Winners’ Event that will take place on December 11th & 12th in London, with travel and lodging expenses covered.  
We are looking for engaging participants with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, including those with little or no knowledge of developing health innovations, coming from different backgrounds (Law, Fine Arts, Physics, History, Health Sciences, etc.) The day is open to all UB undergraduate and postgraduate students and to students from other EIT Health partners in Barcelona (multidisciplinary and diverse teams will be prioritized, as well as most engaged students).
Are you one of them? Do you want to be a part of the EIT Health network? Please sign up for the event in the following link:  (Registration can be made individually or in teams. Teams should be build of multidisciplinary members, that is to say of members from different faculties and academic programs or areas of research). Registrations will be open until November 11th