External relations

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Psychology is a consolidated scientific discipline and a profession that is clearly established in society, with many different areas of action.

Preparation and qualification for working in the profession is considered fundamental at the UB Faculty of Psychology, which aims to train professionals who can meet the needs of current society.

For this reason, the UB Faculty of Psychology not only provides students with theoretical and technical training, but also brings them into contact with some of the areas in which psychologists work in current society, through placement agreements with companies or institutions. We try to instil in our students an enterprising spirit, proactive attitudes and ethical, responsible behaviour.

In addition, through the Faculty we offer a range of external services for the general public, communities and companies to help meet their needs and respond to social demands. Therefore, we are committed to transferring knowledge to society. The Faculty of Psychology’s external services, collaborations, agreements and psychological care units are tools for the general public.