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Oct. 6 2016: The Spanish Association of Risk Managers hold a workshop at UB on "Post Brexit forum: what the risks?" with participants from over 30 uinternational companies based in Barcelona. The speakers were D. José Mª Areliza, Profess and Chairholder of the Jean Monnet Chair – ESADE and D. Francesc Granell Trías, Emeritus Professor of International

Riskcenter researchers awarded XIII Edad&Vida Higinio Raventós prize

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Sep. 29 2016: During the annual dinner of Fundació Edad&Vida, the researcher of UB Riskcenter received the prize for a study on "Strategies for Managing Savings after Retirement". This analysis will consider pay-out schemes around the world. Comparisons will be made for Spain, USA, Japan, Latinamerican and European countries. One of the outputs is the design of personalized guides to assess retired