Welcome to BCN-Riskcenter, located at the Barcelona Knowledge Campus. BCN-Riskcenter is an institute devoted to offer knowledge transfer to the industry.
BCN-Riskcenter is formed by the members of the Research Group on Risk in Finance and Insurance. We manage the process of transferring statistical, risk management, actuarial and computing technology, know-how, expertise and skills to our partners. Our knowledge and wide experience in research and statistical methodologies together with our command of legal, accounting and economic topics related to the insurance or financial sector guarantee the quality and accuracy of our services.

We offer services of research and development, knowledge transfer as well as personalized training programs.

We are happy to discuss your needs.

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Riskcenter has over 10 years’ experience in the provision of statistical and actuarial consultancy services. Click here to see some examples of our industry collaboration.

We offer a wide variety of statistical, actuarial and computing skills, different approaches or solutions to decision-making problems and up-to-date knowledge on all these methodologies. We encourage to apply modern statistical and actuarial methods to solve quantitative problems and so promoting best statistical and actuarial practice.

Areas of application:

  • Solvency capital
  • Stochastic claims reserving methods
  • Risk measurement
  • Partial-Internal models for Solvency II
  • Fraud detection


Knowledge transfer

BCN-Riskcenter offers courses addressed to companies with several staff members needing a common training requirement. These can be delivered at a partner’s premises, at a specified conference centre or at our training centre at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Barcelona. We are delighted to discuss course contents, course formats, timing and duration with our partners in order to adapt the training program into a context that is relevant to each case.

We manage to provide a wide spectrum of courses that include statistical, actuarial and financial methods to apply particularly in the areas of interest listed in our R&D services page.