The Wavefront Engineering Group (Department of Applied Physics, Universitat de Barcelona) is a research unit centered on study of a variety of problems on Physical Optics. We mainly concentrate on the development of theoretical design and experimental implementation of electromagnetic highly focused fields with unconventional behavior in terms of their polarization and coherence properties. Complex amplitude and polarization are manipulated by means of computer generated holograms displayed on spatial light modulators.

Circularly focused beam

Optical security problems using randomly polarized beams is also one of our priorities. Both problems on optical authentication using machine learning or convectional optical encryption using focused beams are considered. Moreover, we also face problems on 3D imaging. The use of integral imaging techniques is very appropriated to deal with the measure of polarized light in both conventional and low light conditions

Most of our research is made in collaboration with


13 October 2021: New Paper [3D imaging and holography].

Roadmap on digital holography [Invited]

9 September 2021: New Paper [Focused fields].

Experimental estimation of the longitudinal component of a highly focused electromagnetic field

27 August 2021: New Paper [Education].

Multi-spectral imaging: a tool for the study of the area burned in wildfires

30 July 2021: New paper [Focused fields].

Efficient calculation of highly focused electromagnetic Schell-model beams

19 July 2021 - 23 July 2021: OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress (OSA Virtual Event).

8 April 2021: OPSI-IASBS colloquium,

OPSI-IASBS colloquium - Prof. Artur Carnicer

5 April 2021: New paper [Other collaborations].

PENGEOM - A general-purpose geometry package for Monte Carlo simulation of radiation transport in complex material structures (New Version Announcement)

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