Marcos Aviñoá Pérez

PhD Student

About me. From Hospitalet at heart, I am a passioned physicist in love with optics and photonics. I obtained my M. Sc. in Photonics by Universtitat Politècnica de Barcelona in 2019 and my B. Sc. in physics by Universitat de Barcelona on February 2018. My main research interests are electromagnetic diffraction throught highly focusing optical systems, partially coherent and partially polarized light beams and the development of effiecient numerical methods to solve propagation problems in optics.





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Personal interests

I love linguistics, specially etymology and sociolinguistics. Right now I am learning Yoruba, the most spoken native language in Nigeria. Marginally related, I also love programming languages and take on little projects in my free time. I am passionate about music and regularly play my preferred insturment, the clarinet. I practice weekly historical fencing (HEMA), specifically Verdadera Destreza, the fencing school prevalent in the Spanish empire through the XVII century.

To relax, I usually play some videogames, alone or with friends.