EHEA bachelor’s degree in Information and Documentation

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Teaching organization and methodology

Lessons are organized in two turns: morning and evening. Upon enrolment, students choose which turn and timetable they wish to do and whether they want to follow a part-time or full-time pathway. The class groups are designed to be small enough for each student to receive personalized attention, so that although classes for certain subjects will have up to 50 students, in other subjects there will often only be between 10 or 12 students.

The teaching methodology includes various activities such as theory and practice classes, computer sessions, visits to various centres, and conferences or round-tables with experts. Mainly, however, this degree is focused on practice, so it is strongly advisable to attend class in order to participate in class activities, discussions and the collective correction of exercises.

Although this degree course is taught face-to-face, it is included in the UB’s Virtual Campus, where students will find learning materials, on-line activities and tools to communicate with the teachers or other students.

Most of the classes will be in Catalan, except certain groups that will be in Spanish. In the third and fourth years, there will also be some classes in English. During the course, students may choose to speak and write in either Catalan or Spanish.

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