Lenka Selinger defended her thesis last December 2nd, 2016

Last Friday December 2nd, 2016, at 12:00 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona, Lenka Selinger defended her thesis entitled The modulation of auditory function by genetic and emotional factors. The thesis was together co-supervised by Dr. Imma Clemente-Lapena and Dr. Carles Escera, head of Brainlab. The thesis was carried out under the Biomedicine PhD program of the University of Barcelona, and was submitted as a compendium of the following pulbications:



Selinger, A.L., Domínguez-Borràs, J., & Escera, C. (2013). Phasic boosting of auditory processing by visually induced emotion. Biological Psychology, 94, 471-478.

Selinger, L., Zarnowiek, K., Via, M., Clemente, I.C., Escera, C. (2016). Involvement of the serotonong transporter gene in accurate subcortical speech encoding. Journal of Neuroscience, 36(42), 10782-10790.


After the defence and a thoughful discussiong given by the candidate, now Dr. Lenka Selinger, and the panel members (Chair: Prof. Francisco Barceló, University of Balearic Islands, Spain; Dr. Sabine Grimm, University of Leipzig, Germany; Dr. Iria SanMiguel, University of Barcelona), the thesis was given the highest grade at our university: Excel.lent per unanimitat.

Congratulations to Lenka, and our best wishes for her future.