We are pleased to welcome Dr. Amineh Koravand (University of Ottawa, Canada) for a six months lab visit with us

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Amineh Koravand (University of Ottawa, Canada) for her six months visit at our Brainlab.

Dr Amineh Koravand is an associate professor and neuro-audiologist in the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology program at the University of Ottawa. Prof. Koravand’s research deals with the relationship between the peripheral and central auditory systems in children. Her goal is to develop neurophysiological measures (biological neuromarkers) to assess the central auditory processing at subcortical and cortical level of children during early childhood, to prevent disorders while brain plasticity is still significant. With the collaboration of Prof. Escera and Prof. Jordi Costa-Faidella, Dr. Koravand will work in a project involving frequency following response (FFR) elicited by speech stimuli presented in background noise.

Dr. Koravand will stay with us from September 2019 to February 2020. Her project will involve developing new stimuli to test speech in noise in newborns by means of the Frequency-Following Response.

We wish her the best for her stay with us during these months.