Future Learning is an initiative at the University of Barcelona - Faculty of Pedagogy and Education - aimed at developing research in the educational, cultural and socio-economic aspects of the use of ICT in learning settings, with special emphasis on virtual learning and eLearning. Future Learning promotes synergies with different disciplines in rethinking knowledge conceptions and knowledge production in the multidimensional spaces that define the European culture of the XXI century.

Future Learning specialises in the evaluation of ongoing research tackling educational, institutional, organisational and symbolic aspects of new learning environments mediated by ICT. In addition to that Future Learning has close collaboration with various research groups and networks, both at the national and international level, which allows researchers and developers involved in the ICT-based learning field to maintain a large international network. Future Learning is involved in several EU-funded projects, either in a coordinating or participating role.

Future Learning participates in the quality research group GREAV.

We publish the Book Series "Future Learning", devoted to disseminating scholarly work on educational innovations involving the use of learning technologies. The series presents research done within the European Union context, and provides insights into the educational, cultural and socio-economic aspects of the use of ICT in learning.

Dr. Mario Barajas