Associated researchers

Karin Arbach

Dr. Arbach is a behavioral scientist at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research in Argentina. She is a Chair Professor of Criminal Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology in the National University of Cordoba. Her primary area of expertise is clinical-forensic violence risk assessment in criminal and civil settings. Read more.

David Cuaresma Morales


He is an assistant professor of Criminology and member of the Studies Committee of Criminology at the University of Barcelona, Spain. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and a PhD in Psychology from the same university. Since 1998, he is a regular lecturer at governmental police and penitentiary training institutions in Catalonia, which also has a track record on teaching on topics related to juvenile and adult crime, criminal careers, criminological theories, public safety and security management. David has led and participated in various research lines about such topics, supported by research projects funded through competitive public calls. Read more.

David Férez Mangas


David Férez-Mangas is a member of the Group of Advanced Studies on Violence (GEAV). He holds a Degree in Criminology from the University of Barcelona. Additionally, he owns a title in Private Investigation as well as a Postgraduate in Security Management from the University of Barcelona. He has obtained his diploma of Advanced Studies at the University of Barcelona, concerning the area of knowledge of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatments. Read more.

Nina Frerich

Nina Frerich is a psychologist and criminologist and forms part of the team of researchers of the Group of Advanced Studies (GEAV) in Violence of the University of Barcelona. Her research activity entails global crime in Europe, with a more specific focus on crime-related factors and their influence on crime rates in the different European regions. Read more.

David Gallardo-Pujol

Ismael Loinaz


Associate professor of Criminology at the University of Barcelona (UB). Bachelor´s degree and Ph.D. in psychology (University of the Basque Country) and bachelor’s degree in criminology (UB). Teacher in the Master of Forensic and Criminal Psychology of the School of Continuing Education of the UB and in the Master in Criminological and Victimological Intervention of the CRIMINA centre of the Miguel Hernández University. It also takes part in various professional and academic training activities in Latin America. Read more.

Ana Martínez Catena

Fotografía Ana Martinez (3)

She is Phd on Psychology, degree in Criminology, and she holds the Master in Forensic Psychology and the Master on Personality and Behavior Research. She is a research member in the GEAV and teaches on Psychology and Criminology degrees. Her PhD Thesis was entitled “Therapeutic change and effectiveness of sex offenders’ psychological treatment” supervised by Dr. Santiago Redondo Illescas. Other research interests are juvenile delinquency and criminal careers and readiness to change. Read more.

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen is a Forensic Psychologist and Criminologist and is part of the team of researchers of the Group of Advanced Studies (GEAV) in Violence of the University of Barcelona. Her research activity focuses on the area of prediction of violent behavior, with special interest in assessing the risk of sexual violence. She has cooperated as a trainer for prison staff of the Department of Justice of the Government of Catalonia in the application of the Guide for Sexual Violence Risk Assessment (SVR-20). Read more.

Montse Subirana

Montse Subirana Malaret_foto

I am a research member of the Group of Advanced Studies on Violence at Universitat de Barcelona. I teach Psychological Assessment and Psychology of the Individual Differences at Universitat de Barcelona (Faculty of Psychology), and Psychological Assessment on Language Disorders at the Speech Therapy Degree at UVic-Universitat Central de Catalunya. Read more.

Mauricio Valdivia

He is Professor of Criminology at the Academy of Police Sciences of Carabineros de Chile. PhD in Personality and Behavior from the University of Barcelona, PhD in Psychology from the Catholic University of Argentina and postdoctoral researcher at the Andrés Bello University, Chile. His area of specialization is the study of criminal trajectories, early antisocial development and the risk assessment of recidivism, as well as police and social control, criminal profiling and secondary victimization. Read more.

Lorena Wenger

Lorena Wenger GEAV

She has a degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Legal and Forensic Psychology from the University of La Frontera in Temuco, Chile. She has worked as a researcher on the Fondef D08i-1205 project, where she participated in the development of the Multidimensional Differentiated Evaluation Model (MMIDA) in Juvenile Justice contexts in Chile. She has also taught in the Department of Psychology of the University of La Frontera, and was part of the academic committee of the Magister in Legal and Forensic Psychology of the same University. Read more.