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Postdoctoral position in REDUCE project “Demographic Impacts of Climate Change on Pelagic Seabirds in the Atlantic”

Project information

Climate change is exerting varying effects on the demography, distribution, phenology, and feeding habits of seabirds. However, its specific impacts on pelagic seabirds remain poorly understood. This project aims to fill these knowledge gaps by:

  1. Modeling the distribution of several seabird species breeding in the Atlantic.
  2. Projecting the future distribution of these species under various global warming scenarios.
  3. Modeling adult survival of these species in relation to Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and related variables.

This endeavor is made possible by an extensive international effort spanning from 2007 to 2024. During this period, we tracked seabird species in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde islands, and Iceland using geolocators, GPS devices, and monitored them through Capture-Mark-Recapture (CMR) methods.

The major research lines and publications records of the group are outlined in the following links:



Support for applicants

The project manager from IRB Io offers support the applicant during the writing proposal with the supervisor and the International Research Project Office.

Application deadline (internal): 5th of May 2024
Required documents CV and motivation letter, 2 recommendation letters
Send your application to: Jacob Gonzalez-Solís  jgsolis@ub.edu