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We are looking for a predoctoral student to request a FI-DGR2020 help from the Generalitat de Catalunya

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We are looking for a predoctoral student to request a FI-DGR2020 help from the Generalitat de Catalunya

Project title: "The role of microbial communities in adaptive radiation of cichlid fish ".
Contact person: Laura Baldo
E-mail: baldo.laura@ub.edu
Tel: 9340 31375
Department: Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Ecology section
Links: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Laura_Baldo
Website: http://www.ub.edu/evok/

Profile Description
We are looking for a candidate to do a doctoral thesis within the framework of a competitive project funded by the Spanish Ministry (CGL2017-82986- C2-2-P, 2017-2021) and awarded to Laura Baldo. The candidate will join the research group in Evolutionary Ecology (EVOK) in the Ecology section and will have to apply for a FI-DGR2020  from the Generalitat de Catalunya

The project focuses on the study of the role of the intestinal microbiota in adapting to the trophic niche of cichlid fish from Africa and America, an extraordinary model of adaptive radiation in vertebrates. The study includes both massive sequencing data analysis for the characterization of the microbiota (Illumina), as well as experimental cultures, in collaboration with several international groups (University of Cambridge and University of Leuven). Specifically, it seeks to understand the eco-evolutionary dynamics and the selective pressures on the symbiosis between cichlids and their microbial communities in relation to the enormous diversity of ecological niches of the different species (eg diet).

  • Metagenomics, bioinformatics and multivariate analysis, analysis of co-occurrence networks.
  • Obtaining data from individuals in their natural environment and experimental approaches with a cichlid species (Astatotilapia calliptera).

Meet the requirements of the call

Bioinformatics and statistics skills and a great interest and enthusiasm for ecology and evolution are valued.

Submission of applications
Those interested should send an e-mail to the address baldo.laura@ub.edu attaching a letter of introduction and the CV with the note of the academic record indicating as subject FI-2020 CANDIDATE.

Before October 10, 2019