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Master in Translational Medicine
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General Information
General Information
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Pre-registration and Registration
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Faculty of Medicine (School of Medicine) C/Casanova 143, 08036 Barcelona

Phone Number: 93 4035250

Master Secretariat (Centre Esther Koplowitz) C/Rosselló 153

Phone Number: 93 3129499

e-mail: traslacional@ub.edu


Pre-registration and Registration



Please find below the step-by-step process you should follow in order to complete the pre-registrations and registration of the Master in Translational Medicine:

  1. Check the admission requirements.

  2. Send the required documentation including cover letter, CV, Academic transcript, English certificate (optional) and recommendation letters (optional) to the Master’s Secretariat via email traslacional@ub.edu.

  3. An email notifying you the status of your admission will be sent within a week.

  4. Students who have been admitted are required to complete the online pre-registration form and pay the corresponding fee.



  1. Provide the required documents (see section below) to the Faculty of Medicine Secretariat (Casanova, 143 Barcelona ).

  2. Complete the online registration form or register in person at the Faculty of Medicine Secretariat (Casanova, 143 Barcelona )


Required documents to be submitted to the Faculty of Medicine Secretariat once your admission has been granted:

A) Students with a degree from Spain or other EU countries

  1. Passport/Identity card photocopy (and original)

  2. Two color photographs (passport size)

  3. Certified photocopy of the university degree (translated)


B) Students with a recognized degree from a non-EU country

Students who have completed higher education studies in a foreign university or higher education institution should present documentation certifying the recognition of their degree. For more information about the recognition process, please visit the following websites: Recognition -Ministry of Education in Spain, Equivalence-Government of Catalonia or UB Admission Foreign Studies.

  1. Passport photocopy (and original)

  2. Two color photographs (passport size)

  3. Photocopy of the university degree recognized (translated )

  4. Supporting document of the recognition

C) Students with a non-recognized degree

Under no circumstances does admission to a postgraduate study program in Spain imply the homologation of a foreign degree held by the interested party nor the recognition of that degree for any other purpose than studying the applied study program. Students will require permission from the Rector of the University, or the person delegated for this purpose, expressly authorizing the registration in the program without the prior recognition of their studies, as well as documentation accrediting their acceptance on the postgraduate program.

  1. Passport photocopy (and original)

  2. Two color photographs (passport size)

  3. Certified , legalized and translated photocopy of the university degree

  4. Certified, legalized and translated photocopy of the certificate listing the subjects taken

  5. Application seeking authorization of the Rector

Registration fee

The registration fee and other academic services regarding official qualifications are revised every year by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

For more information, click here.

Enrollment modifications

Deadline: Changes can only be made after 7 days from the enrollment procedure, during that time students will be able to modify subjects from first or second semester with the corresponding proof of payment.

More information here


Obtaining the Master Degree


To obtain the Master Degree, students must have passed all the credits (60) of the corresponding study plan.

Students requiring certificates evidencing his acceptance and enrolment to the Master in order to facilitate obtaining grants and visas, should contact the Master's Secretariat.

The Master title will be requested at the Faculty of Medicine





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