Games X Mental Health

In collaboration with the Catalan Federation of Mental Health, we have developed a series of games that seek to be a tool for research owned by the several actors from the world of mental health. We propose an experimental platform to help recovery in mental health through measures related to sociability and integration.




The project offers a digital platform on electronic tablets containing scientifically proven indicators on various aspects of human behavior. It is a collection of games that seek to evaluate parameters related to the recovery of affected by mental health disorders through social dilemmas that oppose the common good and individual interests.


The platform has been created and designed by scientists at the University of Barcelona OpenSystems (project leaders), the University Rovira i Virgili and the University Carlos III of Madrid in collaboration with the Catalan Federation of Mental Health. The platform is being organized last year with working groups where all stakeholders in mental health recovery has been represented.


The gaming platform can be used by all actors in the field of mental health recovery (first person, family, caregivers, health workers, etc.) and the general public, thus adding the aim of contributing to mitigate the social stigmatization of those affected. The tools are created for patients and their families to have an active and conscious participation in the project, facilitating processes of citizen empowerment and self-representation specific to a research carried out on the parameters of civic responsibility.


The platform respects privacy of the data collected, and considers associated ethical issues. The public presentation is the first realization of a collective experiment during the World Mental Health Day, held on October 8 in Lleida (Spain). It will be followed by a series of micro-experiments throughout Catalonia with groups and specific groups.


Josep Perelló

Anna Cignarini

Anxo Sánchez (U Carlos III de Madrid)

Jordi Duch (U Rovira i Virgili)

Ferran Español

Isabelle Bonhoure

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