The Actuarial Financial Modelling
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Our fields of interest are finance and insurance, mainly in the following areas: solvency, reinsurance, distance-based models, fuzzy models, social security and financial education.
We are a Catalan research group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya – 2017SGR228. The members of our group are researchers of the University of Barcelona.


16 phD working in absolute CAOS

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Longevity Institute Cathedra

The phenomenon of longevity
Economic, financial, actuarial and social implications

Private Pensions Observatory

A Platform for information, discussion, reflection and exchange of knowledge and experiences on the different pension systems in Europe from a multidisciplinary perspective

WS on Pensions and Insurances

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Last Research Activity




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- Laura González-Vila Puchades. Incorporating fuzzy information in pricing substandard annuities. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 145.


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- Laura González-Vila Puchades. Los fondos de inversión como producto financiero alternativo a los planes de pensiones. Análisis Financiero, 13(1), 1-6.

Working Paper;

- M. Mercè Claramunt Bielsa, Maite Mármol Jiménez. Refundable deductible insurance. Working Papers.



- Eva Boj Del Val, Xavier Varea Soler, M. Mercè Claramunt Bielsa. Papel del seguro de dependencia en el esquema financiero de la cuarta edad. Número 298. ICEA.


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