BIAP members organize, and actively participate in, a variety of public outreach, engagement and dissemination activities (including festivals, public debates, lectures, and activities with teachers and students of secondary schools).
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Philosophical research by BIAP members has resulted in a number of interviews and publications of various types (including newspaper articles, online journal contributions, and blog posts) for public outreach and transfer of knowledge.
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BIAP welcomes inquiries from the press, media, schools, and other organizations; please email biap.barcelona@gmail.com for further information.

Follow BIAP outreach on Twitter: @Biap.Barcelona

Casa Golferichs (@ccgolferichs). Barcelona, 15 November 2018. It’s the middle of the night and Manolo Martínez, senior member of BIAP, is talking about pain for a room full of people! #BCNPensa, @BarcelonaPensa.