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Departamento de
Psicología Social y Psicología Cuantitativa, UB
Sección Cuantitativa

Campus Mundet
Edifici de Ponent 4a planta

Pg. Vall d'Hebron 171
08035- Barcelona
Phone: 93 312 50 93
Fax: 93 402 13 59

Angel Blanco Villaseñor

Profesor Titular

The two lines of research that I have traditionally devoted to are those of Observational Methodology and Theory of Estimation through Generalization (TG), which are connected to each other, given the difficulties of reliability, validity, precision and estimation in observational studies. Both are instrumental in nature, and require some substantive scope for implementation.

During the last five years my research activity has focused on the advancement of the theoretical, technical, technological and methodological corpus of Observational Designs (expression coined within our research group), the construction of ad hoc observation instruments, in the development of computer software for registration, and in the promotion of data analysis, especially those related to the estimation of samples through TG, as well as to the Reliability, Validity and Precision of any type of Observational Design, given the spontaneity in the behavioral registry and the natural and usual context in which the observations in Observational Methodology are developed, which make it difficult to generalize the data to larger samples.

In these reflected lines we have promoted the realization of Doctoral Theses, which for the most part have been co-directed by researchers specialized in their respective fields. Since the 1990s, we have worked mainly in the application of methodological advances such as sport and physical activity, always from the perspective of the Observational Methodology and, consequently, with the different types of Observational Designs. For the next few years, in addition to continuing to impulse development on technical, theoretical and methodological advances, we plan an intense development plan for the evaluation of low / medium intervention programs that connect physical activity and / or sport with health.

To emphasize my involvement in the different Doctorate Programs of different Spanish universities (besides those of my University) to be able to carry out all this type of processes, combining Observational Methodology with Physical Activity and Sport.

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