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Departamento de
Psicología Social y Psicología Cuantitativa, UB
Sección Cuantitativa

Campus Mundet
Edifici de Ponent 4a planta

Pg. Vall d'Hebron 171
08035- Barcelona
Phone: 93 312 50 93
Fax: 93 402 13 59

Francesc Salvador i Beltran

Catedrático de Psicología Experimental from Universidad de Barcelona since 2010.

In order to study the emergence of complex self-organized behaviors, I investigated the spatial distribution of groups with agent-based simulation models (eg Quera, Beltran, Solanas, Salafranca and Herrando, 2000, Beltran, Salas and Quera, 2006; Quera, Beltran and Dolado, 2011; Zibetti, Quera, Beltran and Tijus, 2001). The derived models are empirically contrasted with field data from social systems and space occupation of the Cercopithecidae family species in a captivity and freedom situation (eg Dolado and Beltrán, 2011, 2012, Dolado, Cifre and Beltrán, 2012), and with laboratory data from the collective coordinated movement of zebrafish (Danio rerio) and black neon fish (hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) (eg, Quera, Beltran and Dolado, 2011; Quera, Beltran, Givoni and Dolado, 2013, Dolado, Gimeno, Beltran and Pertusa, 2015).


I have participated in competitive research projects of the ministries of science and technology since 1985, and since 1997 I belong to the Research Group on Adaptive Behavior and Interaction recognized by Generalitat de Cataluña


I have conducted 12 PhD theses and since 2011 I have coordinated the Doctoral Program in Primatology at the University of Barcelona. Since 2009 I am Secretary of the Institute of Neurosciences at the University of Barcelona and since 2015 member of the Institute of Pediatric Research Hospital Sant Joan de Deu.

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