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In increasingly multicultural and complex societies, in which the coexistence of languages and cultures shapes the construction of plural subjectivities, there arises the need to analyze critically the processes of identity construction and the dynamics of multicultural phenomena. In the CRIC Master's Program, through a highly specialized teaching team in close contact with the cultural fabric of the city, we focus on the analysis of literature and other cultural expressions. We cover a period that begins in modernity and reaches the most rabid contemporaneity and we do so, mainly, by using the theoretical apparatus of gender and queer studies, postcoloniality, transnationality and globalization.

Official Master

Our Master’s students acquire advanced knowledge of the different theories and methodologies of interculturality, globalization, postcolonial and transnational studies. Through the curricular offer at hand, students gain in-depth knowledge of the philological tools that are necessary to analyze and compare complex texts and other cultural manifestations. They also learn to discriminate and apply literary, media and cultural theories and methodologies on identity (gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.); to become familiar with the theoretical and critical tools employed to elaborate discourses on interculturality and otherness and to interpret texts and primary sources related to gender. Moreover, the links between artistic creation and contemporary history, cultural institutions and social and political trends are explored, always taking into account the effects of colonization and globalization.

PHD Programme

The research line “Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities” inside of the doctoral program “Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies” offers the academic training and tutoring required for a scientific project directed at the elaboration of a doctoral thesis. The fields of study are English Literature, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Slavic Studies, French Studies, Galician and Portuguese Studies, Germanic Studies and Italian Studies.

This Master’s Program offers a variety of activities, talks, seminars and informative sessions tailored for all the CRIC community with the aim of enriching and complementing our academic program. You will find the latest news here.


We recommend you read closely all the information available on this website, especially that pertaining to scholarships, regulations and deadlines. Queries on forms and economic questions should be addressed to the Administrative Secretary. The coordinators of the Master and Doctorate can help resolve academic inquiries.

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