We are delighted to announce the winner of the Best Paper Award 2021 of ESA Research Network 11 “Sociology of Emotions” and the journal Emotions and Society.

It was unanimously agreed by the jury that the paper

Between Cripping and Reclaiming. Epistemological implications Disability Studies’ feeling strategies’ written by Yvonne Wechuli

receives the inaugural award for best paper from the ESA RN11 Emotions Network midterm 2020. The price: 300 Euro and being coached by the journal editors, Mary Holmes and Åsa Wettergren, to ready the paper for publication in the journal Emotions and Society. Congratulations!

We also would like to announce the 2nd and 3rd place of the Best Paper Award 2021:

Gözde Cöbek: “What affect proposes: Swiping as a bodily practice”

and Rotem Leshem and Rakefet Sela-Sheffy: “Affect, ethnic boundaries and social mobility. Transforming identities in the acculturation of Ashkenazi immigrants in Israel”.

They are also invited to submit their papers to Emotions and Society. Congratulations!

Thanks to all of you for your contributions and nominations.

the Board of RN 11
and the Editors of Emotions and Society