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RN 11 “Sociology of Emotions” of the European Sociological Association (ESA)
25th–27th November 2020, online

*Please notice all times are CET

November 23rd – 24th, 2020: PhD-Workshop

9.30-14.30: PhD-Workshop

Natàlia Cantó-Milà, Yvonne Albrecht

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

9.30-10am: Opening of the Conference
Alberto Martín Pérez,
Organizer of the Conference for the Board of RN 11
Marta Soler, President of the European Sociological Association (ESA)
Link: Conference Room 1


Panel 1: Emotional Regimes, Gender and Bodies
Chair: Nina Margies

Link: Conference Room 1

Daria Litvina: Changing Emotional Regimes of Reproductive Loss in Russia: Perspectives of Women and Specialists

Nina Hossain: Politics – Emotion – Gender: About Emotional Capital and Emotional Work

Gözde Cöbek: Beyond the Female Love-Male Sex Duality: A Non-Representational Approach to Online Dating Studies

Ayşegül Akdemir: Emotional Labour in Call Centres: Doing and Undoing Gender

Panel 2: Theorizing Affects and Emotions
Chair: Natàlia Cantó-Milà

Link: Conference Room 2

Elgen Sauerborn & Nina Sökefeld: Emotion Programs and the Fabrication of Feelings

Sandra Matthäus: Self.Worth-Feelings as the Legitimate Subject Structure of (Late) Modernity, or: Explicating Pierre Bourdieu’s Implicit Theory of Affect

Christian von Scheve: Affective Meanings and Social Relations: Identities and Positions in Social Space

Alberto Martín Pérez: ‘Emotion Makers’: Scientific Legitimation of Social Discourses on Happiness

12-13h: Lunch Break


Panel 1: Family, Care and Emotionality

Chair: Yvonne Albrecht

Link: Conference Room 1

Rotem Leshem & Rakefet Sela-Sheffy: Affect, Ethnic Boundaries and Social Mobility: Transforming Israeli Middle-Class Identities in Family Stories Across Generations

Anna Escobedo & José Luis Condom Bosch: Daily Life Practices and Emotions During the COVID-19 Crisis in Family Households with Children

Daniela Castillo Mansilla: Compassionate Care in a Paediatric Hospital in Chile a case study

Panel 2: Researching Emotions in Everyday Life and Digitality 
Chair: Nina Törnqvist
Conference Room 2

Lissette Aviles: Researching Emotions, Reflecting Emotions

Mary Holmes: Unsettling Bodies, Emotions and Gender in Internet Dating: A Symbolic Interactionist Approach

Marci Cottingham: Viral Fear: Epidemic Emotions in News and Social Media

Lidia Domínguez-Párraga: A Qualitative Study About Friendship Between Elderly Women

15 Minutes Break

15.15 -17.15 pm

Panel 1: Labour Market, Workspace and Affectivity

Chair: Alberto Martín Pérez

Link: Conference Room 1

Raluca-Alexandra Byskov Stana: “I was struggling with my own guilt for not being able to log in”. Techno Stressful Constructions of Obligation in the Digitalized Workplace

Javiera García Meneses: Between Effectiveness and Affectivity: Organizing Public Sector Work in Times of New Public Management

José Luis Condom Bosch & Anna Escobedo: The Coaching Professional Field: Managing Happiness (and other emotions)

James Brooks, Irena Grugulis & Hugh Cook: Hanging on the Telephone: Exploring the Impact of Emotional Labour on the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Debt Collection Agents

Panel 2: Politics of Emotions

Chair: Swen Seebach
Link: Conference Room 2

Sheena Bartscherer: Instrumentalization of Emotion During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election – A Neopragmatist Analysis of the Presidential Nominees’ Media Communication

Yun Tong Tang: Emotions, Tactics, and Interactions in Non-violent Resistance: The Anti-Express Rail Campaign, 2009-2010 in Hong Kong

Christopher Day: Background Affects and the Shared Emotional Experience of People’s Vote Marches in London During 2019

15 Minutes Break

17.30-19 pm
Artistic Encounters. Sociology meets the Visual Arts – Fito Conesa and Mireia Sallarès

Moderation: Mariona Moncunill Piñas

Link: Conference Room 1

Thursday, November 26th, 2020


Panel 1: Law and Crime and the Relation Between Emotions and Reason

Chair: Nina Margies

Link: Conference Room 1

Stina Bergman Blix: The Construction of Objectivity – Rational Emotions in Legal Decision-Making

Nina Törnqvist & Åsa Wettergren: Epistemic Emotions and Objective Decision-Making in Prosecution

Sara Uhnoo & Moa Bladini: Rape or consent? Effects of the New Swedish Rape Legislation on Legal Reasoning and Practice

Julia Wesołowska: Protecting ‘Reasonable’ Emotions: How Polish Civil Courts Handle Psychological Harm?

Panel 2: Emotions, Morality and Normativity

Chair: Rotem Leshem

Link: Conference Room 2

Christine Campen & Oliver Dimbath: Faces of Moral Outrage

Poul Poder: The Sociology of Love – Its Main Approaches, Concerns, Achievements and Future Challenges

Avihu Shoshana: Beyond Gratitude, Towards Emotions of Thankfulness

Stephanie Parsons: Saying ‘Thank You’: Emotionally Managing Letter Writing in Organ Transfer

12-13h: Lunch Break


Panel 1: Migration, Globalization and Emotions
Chair: Åsa Wettergren

Link: Conference Room 1

Laia Folguera, Verónica Anzil & Jordi Roca Girona: Geographies of Love and Desire in Transnational Couples: A Comparative Study Between Different European Countries

Esra Demirkol Colosio: The (Im)possibility of Constructing Emotional Relations in Transnational Social Space

Helen Schönborn: The Contested Right to Grieve in Refugees and Migrants Narratives in Catalonia (Spain) and NRW (Germany)

Yvonne Albrecht & Serhat Karakayali: The Sensibility to Marginalization as Emotional Connecting Factor? Feeling Solidarity and Creating ‘Postmigrant Alliances’ in Civil-Society Organizations

Panel 2: Emotions, Politics, Protest and the State

Chair: Monika Verbalyte

Link: Conference Room 2

Pınar Gümüş Mantu: Tracing Emotions in Movement: Reflections on Hope, Disappointment and Trauma in Turkey’s Gezi Protests

Rosa Sánchez Salgado: Emotions and Power in the Catalan Conflict

Josefina Jaureguiberry: Affective Experience in Radical Collective Housing Projects in Berlin

Yannicke De Stexhe: Evaluative, Expressive, Mean of Resistance…: The Numerous Places and Roles of Emotions within the Social Movement Black Lives Matter

Jigyasa Sogarwal: Politics of Emotions: Role of Shame in Protest and Implications for Democracy

15 Minutes Break

15.15-16.15 pm

Business Meeting

Yvonne Albrecht, Nina Margies, Alberto Martín Pérez, Natàlia Cantó-Milà

Link: Conference Room 1

15 Minutes Break


KEYNOTE: Amparo Lasén: Digital mediations and inscriptions of ordinary affects: shame and shaming
Moderation: Alberto Martín Pérez
Link: Conference Room 1

Friday, November 27th, 2020

9.30-11.30 am

Panel 1: The Emotionality of Social Change and Inertia 

Chair: Stina Bergman Blix

Link: Conference Room 1

Nina Margies: Feeling Hysteresis: Emotions and Structural Change

Elizabeth Olsson: Relational Curiosity and Constructive Conflict: A Study in Classrooms

Yvonne Wechuli: Feelings for Social Change? Emotional Strategies promoted in Disability Studies

Sabine Gabriel: The Lived Body as a Resource of Social Capital. Collective Emotions and the Reproduction of Gender Norms on the Example of Ballet Dancers

Panel 2: Cinema, Art, Body and Emotions
Chair: Mary Holmes

Link: Conference Room 2

Gökhan Albayrak & Haktan Ural: Gay-Straight Friendships and Gay Men’s Heroism in Turkish Popular Cinema

Renida Baltrušaitytė: The Body of Artist in Emotional Production of Contemporary Performing Arts

Cansu Okan & Haktan Ural: Re-Imaging the Housewives: Cultural Translation and National Anxiety in the Turkish Adaptation of Desperate Housewives

Havva Yılmaz: Urban Affects: An Investigation of Urban Theme in the Context of Sociology of Emotion in Modern Turkish Literature

11.30 – 12.30 am: Lunch Break

12.30 – 14.30 pm
Panel 1: The Instrumentalization of Emotions in Right-Wing-Parties,
Movements and Discourses
Chair: Alberto Martín Pérez

Link: Conference Room 1

Daniel Thiele, Birgit Sauer & Otto Penz: Affecting Citizens. Emotional Right-Wing Populist Discourses in Austrian Parliamentary Debates on Migration

Anton Gazarek: Emotions in the Rhetoric of Slovakia’s Far Right

Monika Verbalyte: Populist Anger vs. Anger about Populists: Discourse Network Analysis of European Election Campaigns 2009 and 2019 in Germany

Nerija Putinaitė: Emotional Narratives of Patriotic Suffering: Personal Pain, Homeland and the Nation

Panel 2: Love, Dating and Relationships

Chair: Katharina Scherke

Link: Conference Room 2

Ina Schaum: Love Between Reconciliation, Exotization and Transformation: “I thought it simply wouldn’t work with a non-Jewish person.”

Victor Coutolleau: Who says to who to “dump” who? Gender and Sexuality in the Collective Management of Romantic Disappointments

José A. Rodríguez Díaz & Aitor Domínguez: Love and Happiness: A Social Relation, a Sociological Analysis

30 Minutes Break


Panel 1: Young People and Collective Emotions
Chair: Christian von Scheve

Link: Conference Room 1

Natàlia Cantó-Milà, Mariona Moncunill Piñas & Swen Seebach: Resignation and Feelings of Helplessness in Young People’s (lack of) Involvement in Shared Futures

Sarah Makar: States of Feelings of International students

Sabine Haring-Mosbacher & Karin Scaria-Braunstein: YouthPerspective: Wishes.Fears.Goals

Giedrė Plepytė-Davidavičienė: Why are we unhappy? Happiness Discourses Among Young People in Lithuania

Panel 2: The Sociality of Suffering: Fear, Risk, Shame and Harm

Chair: Poul Poder

Link: Conference Room 2

Swen Seebach, Mariona Moncunill Piñas & Natàlia Cantó-Milà: Risk, Fear and Preparedness in times of Covid19

Katharina Scherke: A New Look into Shame-Anger-Spirals: Feeling Rules for Nostalgia.

Dominik Drexel: The Shame of Veiled Muslim Women: Psychoanalysis Reconsidered

Katarina Bogosavljevic & Jennifer M. Kilty: Prosecuting and Propagating Emotional Harm: The Criminalisation of HIV Nondisclosure in Canada

15 Minutes Break

17.15-18.45 pm

Panel 1: Culture, Media, Politics and Emotions
Chair: Rotem Leshem

Link: Conference Room 1

Ariel Remund: ROADKILL: Emotion, Culture, Action

Roberto Sánchez Reina & Adrián Scribano: The Politics of Sensibilities and Emotions in Food Advertising to Children

Käthe von Bose: Feeling Exceptional? The Role of Emotions in Practices of Collectivity, Belonging and Exclusion in Exclusive Clubs

Alessandro Pratesi: Rethinking the Theoretical Relevance of Emotions in Light of Emerging Social and Political Phenomena

Special parallel session: Book presentation “Anger. The Conflicted History of an Emotion

Chair: Nina Margies

Link: Conference Room 2

Barbara H. Rosenwein, Professor Emerita at Loyola University Chicago. “A Brief History of Righteous Anger”. Presentation of her book “Anger. The Conflicted History of an Emotion“, Yale University Press (2020).

15 Minutes Break

19-20 pm:
: Arlie Russell Hochschild: Battle of Deep Stories and the American Election

Moderation: Yvonne Albrecht

Link: Conference Room 1

ca. 20.15 pm: End of the conference