Language Learning / EuroSLA 30 Junior Researcher Grants

This is a special program for the exceptional times of EuroSLA 30. The program, which is addressed to junior researchers who are presenting their work at EuroSLA 30, will provide research support (500€) to nine researchers for costs related to current or new projects in the field of second language research. Applicants must be PhD students enrolled in EuroSLA 30 or must have completed their doctoral degree in 2019, 2020 or 2021. Applications must be sent to by June 1st.  

Grant applications should include (1) a document proving the status of the applicant and (2) a document including a summary of the research project as well as a short description of why the project should be funded, how the funding will be used and how it will help advance the project (max. 2 pages).   Priority will be given to applicants who have had to pivot their research due to the COVID-19 pandemic, whose research addresses issues of online language learning or involves online data collection, or who want to use the grant to expand on their EuroSLA presentation. Applications will be peer reviewed and awards announced at the end of the LLRT.   

The EuroSLA 30 Conference Organizers

Q&A about the grants:

  • What expenses can the grant cover? Project-related travel expenses, participant remuneration and RA costs as well as acquisition of books, software and other materials necessary to conduct research. Also expenses to disseminate research (i.e., conference registration fees).
  • When should the money be spent? By March 31st
  • What type of document can be used to prove the status of the applicant? Any document that proves that you are a PhD student or hold a PhD degree that was obtained in 2019, 2020 or 2021. It can be an ID, the registration form, a letter, the PhD degree, etc.
  • When will I receive the money? A few weeks after the EuroSLA conference.
  • How will I receive the grant money? We will ask you to provide a bank account number for the money to be transferred to you.
  • Is this incompatible with other EuroSLA grants? No.