Artifact-free holographic light shaping through moving acousto-optic holograms

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Lasers are increasingly used in scientific and industrial applications because of their numerous advantages compared to other light sources. By shaping laser light holographically into a two-dimensional pattern, multiple laser spots can act simultaneously e.g. on a biological sample or substrate what potentially increases imaging and processing speed. But it remains as a challenging task to shape laser light holographically into highly accurate patterns, because common light modulators introduce various artifacts. The BiOPT group (Optical Trapping Lab – Grup de Biofotònica) investigates a new approach based on acousto-optic devices which allows artifact-free holographic light shaping. The obtained theoretical and experimental results demonstrate an extremely high quality of holographically reconstructed light patterns, which may significantly increase the performance of laser scanning and imaging systems.

Artifact-free holographic light shaping through moving acousto-optic holograms. Dorian Treptow, Raúl Bola, Estela Martín-Badosa & Mario Montes-Usategui. Scientific Reports. volume 11, Article number: 21261 (2021)