Synthesis and validation of a new agent to internalize DNA in hard to transfect cells

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In this work, Dioleylbispyridinium (DOPY) was synthesized by the Organic Chemistry group (Supramolecular Systems in Nanobiomedicine). DOPY contained two positive charges that interacted with the negative ones present in the phosphodiester bonds of the gene silencing PolyPurine Reverse Hoogsteen (PPRH) molecules designed by the Biochemistry group (Cancer therapy group). The complexes were characterized by the Physics Chemistry group (Colloids). This new agent transfects very efficiently nucleic acids for different molecular biology applications.

Synthesis and validation of DOPY: A new gemini dioleylbispyridinium based amphiphile for nucleic acid transfection. Aubets E., Griera R., Felix A.J., Rigol G., Sikorski C., Limón D., Mastrorosa C., Busquets M.A., Pérez-García L., Noé V., Ciudad C.J. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. Volume 165, August 2021, Pages 279-292.