Renewable energies


Quantity of renewable energies (currently, only photovoltaic energy), produced at the University of Barcelona facilities.

Photovoltaic production (kWh)29.50324.76926.19528.68227.609No significant changes
CO2 equivalent savings (Tm)10,6210,6510,748,898,56Worse


Our society depends on non-renewable sources of energy, mostly fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal, for its energy supply.

Various measures can be taken to reduce the negative environmental impacts generated by the consumption of this type of energy. On the one hand, it is possible to reduce consumption by improving energy efficiency.

Another way to improve the environment, which is becoming increasingly common in public institutions, private companies and even in households, is the use of renewable energy sources, either by contracting the energy consumed from renewable sources or through own production facilities.

Since 1 January 2018, the UB has contracted the electricity it consumes from renewable sources, but much earlier, in 2004, it joined the promotion of low-carbon energies, participating in an inter-university project by means of a 500 m² photovoltaic installation in the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry, capable of producing electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of around 30 homes.

Taking into account the capacity of the photovoltaic installation, of 60,000 kWh per year, it is observed that from 2007 there is a significant reduction in electricity production, which is not explained by climatic factors, but by a decreased installation performance.

In recent years, electricity production has stabilized at around 30 MWh per year, but the potential values have not been recovered due to the fact that the installation needs investment to replace the elements that have been damaged or deteriorated since its commissioning, and the declining performance of photovoltaic sensors.

UB photovoltaic installation
Photovoltaic installation of the Solar Atrium of the faculties of Physics and Chemistry


Photovoltaic production in the Solar Atrium of the faculties of Physics and Chemistry