People who are going through an experience of grief after the death of a loved one

The Social Services Unit will provide help and advice to any University employee who, at any given moment, may be faced with a personal or family problem related to this casuistry.

Support, loss and bereavement groups in Catalonia (Spanish and International Society of Thanatology)

List of Support Groups throughout Spain External link

“Plural” Grief Groups (Barcelona)

What is the group?

The group of accompaniment of the Grief “Plural” is the continuation of the group of accompaniment of the Grief “Ad Látere” founded in 1996. The purpose of the group is to accompany and support people who are going through a process of grief due to the death of an important person in their lives.

Who is it for?

To anyone who is experiencing grief after the death of a loved one.

Type of services offered

  • Support group for people who have lost a loved one.
  • Guidance and support to family members of people in the process of grief.
  • Talks in hospitals and other entities that request it.

How can you contact?

Call to the phone639 30 27 20 to request information and/or arrange an interview.

It is important that you can attend the groups.

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Virtual nurse on pain: Information, tips and tutorials

What is it?

From the Colegio Oficial de Enfermeras i Enfermeros de Barcelona they have elaborated a guide structured in 3 big sections where you can find information about the pain.


Practical information

General information

Nurse’s advice

For more information, visit the page of the Virtual Nurse External link