The University of Barcelona, on July 31, 2009, put into operation the Social Assistance Unit, integrated into the OSSMA. This unit was born with the commitment to offer teachers and administrative and service staff a personalized and confidential service of advice and professional help in the face of possible personal, work and socio-family problems.

This unit, therefore, acts in the face of problems in the workplace (informs and attends to staff who pose a problem related to the work environment, and collaborates in the assessment and management of conflicts related to this area) and also in the face of social problems (help and advice on personal or socio-familial issues: family, the elderly, disabilities, gender violence, etc.). It also works in the care of workers with disabilities and those who have a problem with alcoholism or drug addiction.

Once the worker raises the demand, the unit studies and analyzes the situation in order to design an intervention plan and referral to the most appropriate service.




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