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Information for the student – Integrative Physiology


Exercise Physiology - Master

This master's degree, which is taught as a blended learning course, is aimed at broadening the students' knowledge of the latest aspects of physiology research. It focuses in particular on the most innovative and applied aspects of the discipline, including the physiology of exercise, altitude and hypoxia, the latest advances in the understanding of oxidative stress and free radicals, and molecular and cellular physiology.

Integrative Physiology has received the distinction 'International Master's Programme' (IMP) from the Government of Catalonia's Agency for the Administration of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) (2013 IMP 00019).

Basic information

Mode of deliverySemipresencial
Bridging coursesYes
Faculty or schoolFaculty of Biology
Number of places available30
Language(s) of instructionSpanish (75%) and English (25%)
Approximate price per credit27.67 euros per credit (82 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2023-2024