Official master's degrees

The official university master's degrees are advanced training courses that allow students to specialise in a professional or multidisciplinary field, or to embark on research and gain access to a doctorate. They are official degrees at a public price and adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

They have a course load similar to that of European degrees, between sixty and one hundred and twenty credits, one or two full-time courses, with the aim of facilitating and promoting mobility and the incorporation of students into the European labour market.

Each academic year, the UB offers more than 150 official university master's degree courses in different fields of knowledge. These master's degree courses can be

  • Managed and taught solely at the UB.
  • Interuniversity: coordinated by the UB or by other Spanish universities. They have a joint programme between two or more universities with a single syllabus. Each of the participating universities teaches a specific number of subjects. The conditions for mobility must be consulted in each master's degree course.
  • Erasmus Mundus: master's degrees taught by a consortium of at least three universities from three different countries, at least one of which is a member of the European Union. They provide for a period of study in at least two of the universities. These master's degrees have been awarded the Erasmus Mundus quality label by the European Commission. On completion, students obtain a multiple, double or joint degree, recognised in the countries where the degree-awarding centres are located.

On the other hand, there are master's degrees that enable students to carry out regulated professional activities. These master's degrees may have specific conditions regarding access and have a fixed price for the entire Catalan university system.

To access the official university master's degrees, you must meet the general and specific entry requirements and pre-enrol by applying for a place.

General entry requirements

In accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, in order to access official university master's degrees, students must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • Official Spanish university degree.
  • Degree issued by a higher education institution of the EHEA that entitles, in the country of issue, to access the official master's degree studies (translated).
  • Non-EHEA degree. In this case, the degree must be recognised as equivalent to a Spanish qualification, if applicable, a declaration of equivalence to an official university qualification and academic level, or prior verification (without recognition) from the University of Barcelona that these studies correspond to an education equivalent to official Spanish university degrees and that they entitle the holder, in the country issuing the degree, to access official master's degree studies. Acceptance to an official master's degree does not in any case imply the recognition of the previous degree or its recognition for purposes other than that of studying for a master's degree, but once the studies have been passed, the master's degree obtained will have full official validity.

Specific entry requirements

Each master's degree may establish specific requirements such as access from certain degrees, knowledge of languages or professional experience, among others.

In certain cases, depending on the student's previous training, the master's coordinating committee may require that before starting the master's degree the student must take complementary courses, up to a maximum of thirty credits.

Once the general and specific requirements have been met, and in the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places offered, the master's degree coordination committee will prioritise the applications in accordance with the selection criteria established for each specific master's degree and will draw up the admission decisions and waiting lists.

Information on the admission requirements and selection criteria can be consulted on the master's degree website.



To be admitted to an official university master's degree, you must pre-enrol in order to access the selection process.

In the "Pre-enrolment" section of the master's degree course file, and also on the website, you will find the dates, the necessary documentation and the link to the online form when the pre-enrolment process is open. The pre-enrolment dates may vary depending on each master's degree and may include different periods. In general, pre-enrolment is done online.

You can pre-enrol for several master's degrees, but you must pay a fee of 30.21 euros for each pre-enrolment.

If at the time of pre-enrolment, you do not meet all the requirements but you are in a position to do so before starting the master's degree, you must state this on the pre-enrolment form. At the time of enrolment, it will be necessary to fulfil all the requirements and present the corresponding documentation that accredits this.

With regard to admission, the master's coordination committee prioritises the applications in accordance with the selection criteria established for the master's degree and issues the decision on admitted students.


Se puede acceder a los másteres universitarios con una titulación universitaria extranjera en los casos siguientes:

  • Título expedido por una institución de educación superior del EEES y que faculte, en el país de expedición, para acceder a las enseñanzas de máster universitario.
  • Título ajeno al EEES, previa homologación a un título habilitante español, si procede, o una declaración de equivalencia a titulación y nivel académico universitario oficial español.
  • Título ajeno al EEES, sin homologación.

En este caso, es necesaria la comprobación previa por parte de la UB de que estos estudios corresponden a un nivel de formación equivalente a los títulos universitarios oficiales españoles y que capacitan para acceder a estudios de máster universitario en el país que expedirá el título. La aceptación en un máster universitario no implica, en ningún caso, la homologación del título previo, ni su reconocimiento con una finalidad diferente de la de cursar enseñanzas de máster. La documentación necesaria para acceder sin la homologación previa es la siguiente:

  • Solicitud de autorización de acceso a másteres y programas propios de la UB mediantes titulaciones obtenidads conforme a sistemas educativos extranjeros

                   Versió en català  |  Versión en castellano  |  English version

  • Authenticated copy of the bachelor's degree or equivalent (translated and legalised through diplomatic channels).
  • Authenticated copy of the certificate of the subjects studied (translated and legalised through diplomatic channels). The coordination of the master's degree will be responsible for carrying out the necessary procedures.

Pre-registration is also required, which gives access to the selection process.

Each master's degree course has an admission procedure established by the UB (*). This procedure includes specific criteria and merit assessment criteria and, in certain cases, specific prior training.

The admission criteria can be consulted in the "Admission requirements" section of the university master's degree course and on the website of each university master's degree course.

In all cases, actual admission depends on the assessment criteria established by the university and the master's degree itself.


* In accordance with the provisions of article 17 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, students may be admitted to the master's degree if they meet the specific requirements and merit assessment criteria of the master's degree. The University determines the admission requirements, which may include specific prior training requirements depending on the field of the master's degree.

Advanced Immunology

Advanced Microbiology



Biological Anthropology

Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration

Environmental Agrobiology

Genetics and Genomics

Integrative Physiology


Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to evaluate the pre-registration, you must attach the documentation using this form and HAVE PAID THE CORRESPONDING FEE: 30,21€. This amount must be paid for each pre-enrolment. Only those pre-enrolment applications in which the payment of this fee is accredited will be taken into account. THE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

ATTENTION: In order to attach the documentation to the form, the application must first be confirmed.

THE DEFINITIVE DOCUMENTATION TO BE SUBMITTED must be duly legalised by diplomatic channels if applicable (

OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTATION FOR THE SECRETARIAT (for any queries, please send an e-mail to):

For EU members of the EU:

. Pre-registration form

. ID card or passport

. Academic transcript of grades obtained or transcript of records issued by the Registrar's Office (the latter ONLY for UB students).

. Degree or certificate replacing the degree (the latter ONLY for students from Spanish universities).

For non-EU students:

. Pre-enrolment form

. Passport

. Legalisation of the academic certificate of the grades obtained.

. Legalisation of the university degree

DOCUMENTATION NECESSARY FOR THE COORDINATION OF THE MASTER'S DEGREE (for any queries please send an e-mail to the coordination of the corresponding master's degree):

. Curriculum vitae

. Document of equivalence in Spain of qualifications from foreign studies

OTHER OPTIONAL DOCUMENTATION FOR THE COORDINATION OF THE MASTER'S DEGREE (for any queries, please send an e-mail to the coordination of the corresponding master's degree):

. Motivation letter

. Language accreditation certificate

. Etc.


Link to access registration (click here)






Classes begin  


  • Environmental Agrobiology (*)


  • Aquaculture


  • Advanced Immunology (*)



1st. period: 1 february - 7 june



2nd. períod: 8 june-  2 september


1st. Resolution: 17  june



2nd. Resolution: 9 september


July: 15 al 30 



September: 12-  30




16  september





  • Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration



one period: 1 february - 7 june



Resolution: 21  june


July: 15 al 30 



September: 12-  30




18 september



  • Advanced Microbiology (*)


  • Neurosciencies




1st. period: 1 february - 7 june



2nd. períod: 8 june-  2 september


1st Resolution: 17 june



2nd Resolution: 9  september


July: 15 al 30 




September: 12-  30


18 september



19 september



  • Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management  (*)




one period: 1 february - 7 june



Resolution: 21 june


July: 15 al 30


September: 16 - 30





25 september



  • Biological Anthropology

1st. period: 1 february - 7 june



2nd. períod: 8 june -  2 september

1st Resolution: 17 june



2nd Resolution: 9  september

July: 15 al 30




September: 16 - 30



25 september



  • Genética y Genómica (*)




one period: 1 february - 7 june



Resolution: 21  june


July: 15 al 30


September: 16 - 30




25 september




  • Biodiversity (*)




one period: 1 february - 7 june



Resolution: 21  june


July: 15 al 30


September: 16 - 30




30 september




  • Integrative Physiology




1st. period: 1 february - 7 june


2nd. períod: 8 june -  2 september


1st Resolution: 17 june


2nd Resolution: 9  september


July: 15 al 30



September: 16 - 30



21 october

(*) Payment on account of € 300

  • I have been admitted to the UB. When and where do I enrol? 

Enrolment can be done online by accessing the web page:

from any computer with internet access, on the assigned days.
To find out which days you have been assigned, as well as the deadlines for enrolment, please consult the enrolment calendar for your master's degree course beforehand.

  • Where can I find the timetable of the courses?

On the website of the faculty where the master's degree course you are enrolling in is taught, in the "Calendar, timetables, classrooms and assessment" section of the master's degree course, you will find the timetables for the corresponding subjects.

And assessment" section of the master's degree course, you will find the timetables of the corresponding subjects.

You can also use the "Chronos" tool to help you plan your timetable.

  •  I have enrolled in a master's degree and I want to cancel my enrolment, what do I have to do? 

You can cancel your enrolment, as long as you are up to date with the payment of the overdue fees. If the cancellation is for personal reasons, you will not be entitled to a refund for the credits enrolled. However, there are some situations in which you may be entitled to a refund:
- Serious illness that prevents you from following your academic activity normally, duly accredited by means of a medical report.
- Reassignment of a place for pre-enrolment in another master's degree. 
- For personal reasons, if you are enrolling for the first time in a master's degree and you request the cancellation of your enrolment before 28 September 2021, as long as you are up to date with payment, you are entitled to a refund of the amount of the credits enrolled.

Consult the information on the modification and cancellation of enrolment.

  • Can I change the subjects I have enrolled in?

Once you have completed your enrolment, you can request the deletion, change or addition of subjects within the period established annually by your faculty.

  • How do I log in to the UB to start the registration process?

Follow the instructions on the following web page: Write down your 4-character ID and password so that you can access your personal MónUB area.

  • What is the NIUB?

The NIUB is the student's UB identification number and is made up of 8 digits. It is assigned to you when you register at the UB and appears on your registration receipt and UB ID card.

  • How can I change my password?

Follow the instructions on the following website:

  • What do I need to apply for a grant?

Follow the instructions in the following link to apply for the Equity Scholarship.

  • What is the tuition fee?

Tuition fees are set by the Generalitat de Catalunya through the Decree of public prices published annually, and are determined by the degree of experimentality of the studies.
You can calculate your tuition fees in the tuition fee simulator.

  • I have another official master's degree. Is the enrolment fee different?

In accordance with the Decree on public prices, a surcharge of 40% is applied to the price of the credit for students who have one or more official university master's degrees or the conditions for obtaining them, except in the case of university studies taken at centres not covered by the public funding system.
At the time of enrolment, you will be asked to provide a responsible statement justifying your academic background.