Activity of research

The Faculty of Chemistry has a solid and long tradition in the field of research, innovation and the transfer of knowledge to industry and society, in general. Most of their professors are active researchers in very diverse areas of chemistry that include both the nucleus of basic chemistry and the most border areas with other related disciplines, both in fundamental research as well as in applied research or transfer of knowledge . This great scientific activity is evident in which most of the teachers are linked to the 29 Consolidated Research Groups of the Faculty of Chemistry recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia in their last call. In addition, in the last 3 years, professors of the Faculty have been principal researchers or have participated in 59 projects of Research in state calls and 11 European projects, among other research aids and collaboration agreements with companies. Obviously, all this research experience is also reflected in teaching in classrooms, as well as in the supervision of Master's or Doctoral Theses.

In fact, members of the Faculty of Chemistry publish an average of 478 publications per year in international scientific journals, about 76 books or book chapters and more than 500 oral presentations or posters are held at scientific congresses national or international. In addition, the transfer of knowledge implies the generation of an average of 7 patents per year. Finally, about 208 research projects are successfully defended in the teaching-research interface, including Doctoral Theses and Final Master's Degrees, per year.

Research data