Calls and grants of the Faculty

The Faculty of Chemistry periodically convenes a series of grants and scholarships to promote scientific exchange and research in the form of scholarships to attend conferences, aid for their organization and grants for visiting professors.

Applications must be submitted to the General Affairs Office of the Center Administration. The contact person is Montse Santiago (

Collaboration scholarships to develop the Final Master's Project within a research group

The Faculty of Chemistry of the Universitat de Barcelona, within the Master + UB program of the Vice-Rector's Office for Students and Language Policy, offers 5 collaboration scholarships for students who want to develop the Final Master's Project (TFM) in a research group at the Faculty of Chemistry and who show interest in further pursuing a research career within the framework of a doctoral thesis.

It is a call for students with a research vocation, coming from any bachelor's degree (e.g., Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Physics, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Pharmacy, etc.) that gives access to the Master's degrees in which the professors / researchers of the Faculty of Chemistry participate. In addition to a monthly payment (€ 370.20 for 9 months), in the case of the Faculty of Chemistry, all the scholarship beneficiaries will benefit from a single economic aid equivalent to the registration cost of 60 ECTS of Master's degrees, in order to collaborate in the payment of the Master’s registration fees. For those scholarship beneficiaries who also receive the complementary grant of € 1,000 associated with the Master + UB Program, the amount of this grant will be deducted from the tuition amount granted by the Faculty of Chemistry. This payment will be made once with the presentation of the proof of enrolment to the Master.





  • Be in possession of the bachelor's degree that allows access to the master's degree in which they are enrolled, at the time of acceptance of the scholarship.
  • Be enrolled as a new access student, full time, at the time of acceptance of the scholarship, in a master's degree in which professors / researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry participate.
  • Accredit an academic file of the approved credits of the bachelor's degree with a weighted average grade equal to or greater than:



For the application to be valid, the document “TFM project proposal” must be signed by the person in charge of the scholarship. To obtain this signature, you can send it by e-mail to the Vicedean of Academic Planning and Quality ( In any case, the applicant will be ultimately responsible for attaching this signed document to his application.


MERITS: see specific annexes to the call

DEADLINE: July 12th, 2021