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External Academic Practices – Chemical Engineering Master UB (Information for students)

The master offers the possibility of external practices in companies in the chemical sector. The practices can be both curricular (optional subject Stay in Company, 9 ECTS or Master Thesis (MT), 30 ECTS) and non-curricular (which do not appear in the student transcript). Here is a summary of the steps to follow in case you are interested:
  1. You must enter the web GIPE of Feina UB –Job UB- ( There you will find offers from different companies.

  2. If you are interested in any offer, you sign up and, in any case, the company will contact you.

  3. The web application manages the whole procedure. If you contact directly with a company that does not have delivered the offer, ask them to make it public in the GIPE application so that you can enroll.

  4. Once you contact and reach an agreement, the Company must apply for your practice. All through GIPE

    • Thereafter and for a period of about 10 days, the secretariat automatically launches the process (tutor assignment, writing the internship program...)

    • Under no circumstances, the internship can begin without any documentation formalized.

  5. If the practices must be curricular, you must formalize the enrollment at:

    • Stay in Company (elective course), 9 ECTS:

    • Master Thesis. Before signing the training project, and according to the syllabus of the subject, the work plan, contents, tasks, etc. must be agreed between the company/institution and the Master Coordinator

  6. In an academic year, you can do a maximum of 750 hours of non-curricular practice, as well as the curricular practices registered.

  7. During the teaching periods, the day may not exceed 5 working hours. Teaching periods are those that the school calendar marked as belonging to a semester. These periods include the classes and examination of the subjects. Only exceptionally, under request by the student and express decision of the Academic Committee, working hours could increase during the training period.

  8. If you have an employment relationship with the company/institution, you cannot make internship except in duly justified and authorized. In case of the approval, neither the time nor the place to do practice may coincide with your employment.

  9. You miss the student status if for any reason your registration is canceled. In this case, the practice must stop until you acquire student status again.

  10. After the stay in the Company/institution, and within a week, depending of the type of the teaching practices:

    • Stay in Company: In order to include your rating record in your transcript, the Office of the Student Teaching of the Faculty must receive the following documents:

      • Final report of the curricular practices by the student

      • Final survey of the practice filled by the student:

      • Evaluation of the Faculty of Chemistry tutor

      • Evaluation of the Company/institution tutor

    • Master Thesis: You have:

      • Follow the procedures and requirements for the Master Thesis syllabus

      • Send to Office Teaching of the Faculty the final survey of the practice filled by the student:

    • Non-curricular: You have send the Office Teaching of the Faculty the following documents:

      • Final report of the non-curricular practice by the student

      • Final survey of the practice filled by the student:

      • Evaluation of the Faculty of Chemistry tutor

      • Evaluation of the Company/institution tutor

You can also request a supporting document containing a copy of the training project, where the activities and contents developed during the traineeship are described.

Additional information can be found in the syllabus of the subjects, and in the regulations internship UB.

You can also consult this explanatory table curricular practices and non-curricular practices.