University of Barcelona

Chemical Engineering

Career opportunities

Chemical engineers are equipped to study, ensure the viability of, plan, manage, build, install, operate and maintain industrial facilities involving chemical, physicochemical and bioengineering processes (except those governed by specific civil engineering regulations) and the ancillary facilities and the equipment, machinery, apparatus and instruments involved.
Chemical engineers typically find careers in engineering companies (study, process and operation design, project management, technical evaluation, etc.) and in chemical companies and firms in related areas (management, operation and plant design, operation and maintenance of plants and equipment, studies, management, research, development and innovation, etc). They may also work as sales professionals, in insurance, as consultants, auditors, managers of integrated management systems (quality, environment, safety and health), in project evaluation and as legal advisors.
Public sector opportunities include university and secondary school teaching, research, development and innovation, management, inspection, and intervention and consultancy roles related to compliance with industrial and environmental legislation.
Independent chemical engineers are involved in diverse activities including project design, studies and assessments, audits, reports and certifications, and appraisals across a range of social and economic sectors.