EcoCafès: Andrés López-Sepulcre, «Efectos ecosistémicos de la evolución rápida: un estudio en ríos de Trinidad»




12:15 h cafè/te, 12:30 h seminari


Aula de seminaris de la Secció d'Ecologia, 5ª planta Edifici Margalef

Andrés López Sepulcre
CNRS- Sorbonne Université - París


Eco-evolutionary theory, which acknowledges ecology as both cause and consequence of evolution, has received major attention in the last decade. This renewed interest puts a particular emphasis on the ecosystem-level effects of evolution and how it may be possible to integrate two historically independent sub-disciplines: evolutionary and ecosystem ecology. In this talk I will review progress from a long-term evolutionary experiment in wild populations of Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata), aimed at understanding the interactions between rapid life-history evolution and ecosystem dynamics. My emphasis will be in understanding how resource limitation and nutrient cycling may be linked to life-history evolution. I will then discuss ongoing research on the development of quantitative tools to research the effects of guppy evolution on nutrient cycles through tracer addition experiments.

Idioma: Castellà / English